Refocus and Energize our Members.

The Toastmasters Organization Chart has the MEMBER on TOP and the International President on the bottom. Toastmaster policies, recognition programs and awards have been designed to support the Club and the Member. (Link to Map of Service to Members)

The focus of Chris and his Team has always been to support the member. In some cases, the zeal to achieve awards, has caused leaders to go for the gold and overlook the reason for the incentive.

Our team believes that more education as to how to use the Distinguished Club, Area, and District Program will help improve their effectiveness. 

The materials on this website, that focus on the MEMBER and retention, are complementary to TI materials.
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Chris Rio, Distinguished Toastmaster
​Past District 38 Governor, 2007-2008

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Chris Rio, Distinguished Toastmaster                                    Phone: 609-425-5472